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Religious Education

Religious Education Whole School Yearly Overview


As a Church of England school (VA), we work to provide Religious Education (RE) as a non-confessional, academic subject. The children are provided with a high-quality religious education, which reflects the Church of England Statement of Entitlement; meeting statutory obligations to ensure every child is educated to have deep respect and integrity of other religions and worldviews, gaining an insight into the world in which we live. The teaching of RE is vital for children to make connections between their own beliefs and values, and as a Church school the teaching of Christianity is central to all we teach; focusing on the teachings of Jesus and the Church.

Children will know and understand about Christianity as a living world faith, having time to explore the core theological concepts as well as considering the impact and connection that Christianity has on people’s lives worldwide. They will develop their knowledge and understanding of other major world religions and world views/beliefs, and non-faith/beliefs, understanding their impact on society. We intend that children will be able to critically reflect on their own spiritual and philosophical opinions and beliefs in a safe space. 

Our curriculum embraces the community in which it is situated, recognising the local places of worship, including the church, mosque, cathedral and temple. As a school community we will promote the equality and understanding of the British Values and ensure children are prepared for life in modern Britain. It is important that RE is seen as an enjoyable subject to participate in, where children can have plentiful opportunities to be creative as they explore a range of religions and worldviews.


As a VA C/E school we follow, ‘The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools 2023-2028’(SACRE approved).  RE is taught according to the C/E statutory entitlement, Christianity being offered 50% of the RE curriculum time.  Training and opportunities to develop subject knowledge, skills and understanding will be ongoing in order to support curriculum development to ensure a progressive, robust curriculum is delivered with high standards aimed for at all times.   Our children will:

  1. be encouraged to enjoy RE in a creative, enquiry-led approach
  2. be offered an immersive, enquiry based and creative curriculum developing their religious literacy; accessible to all, regardless of their own faith or no-faith.
  3. be encouraged to develop their enquiry skills enabling them to use deep, meaningful questions to further their understanding, knowledge and skills.
  4. be offered time and opportunities to make connections with all religions and worldviews, including those of no-faith
  5. have access to the study of Christianity for 50% of their RE curriculum time,
  6. use a progressive curriculum developing their understanding of the theology, sociology and philosophy in the world faiths and worldviews studied.


Throughout their time at Lyne and Longcross Primary school from EYFS to the end of Ks2 children will:

  1. be able to think critically, gaining deeper understanding of religious texts, religions and worldviews being mindful of the beliefs of others
  2. have an excellent understanding of the theology, philosophy and human science across all religions and worldviews
  3. gain deep knowledge and understanding across religions, worldviews, beliefs, values and practices making their own informed choices regarding their own beliefs and values
  4. gain proficiency in Christianity, specifically in the concepts and significance of The Big Story of The Bible and what this means for Christians; locally, nationally and worldwide
  5. feel valued as individuals and that their own beliefs, whatever they believe, are valued and celebrated
  6. develop personally; demonstrating their own British Values, showing respect and integrity for a range of religions and worldviews



RE whole school knowledge & skills progression document

Year 6 learn about the Holy Trinity from a Christian

Guildford Cathedral Workshop

Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Guildford cathedral. They explored 'symbols of peace' in link with their art learning and 'The Trinity' in connection with their RE. Thy enjoyed learning about the history of such a beautiful location and see how their learning all connected together. 

A few of our regular, and favourite, songs at school!

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Harvest Samba Music and Words

"Harvest Samba" was written by Mark and Helen Johnson. It is performed by by the Out of the Ark Choir. Photo of Harvest at St Aidan's, Leigh-on-Sea ┬ęGordon Tarry. Used by permission.

My Lighthouse with lyrics (Rend Collective)

Rend Collective's "My Lighthouse" with Lyrics Video by Pastor Madeline - First United Methodist Church - Luling, TX Awesome background provided by! If you're interested in making similar videos, the yearly subscription is VERY reasonable!

Find below an example of Bible Stories available from Saddleback Kid on YouTube. An engaging series of videos playing different stories from the Bible. Find more on 

The Story of Easter for Kids | Stories of the Bible | Holy Week

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Uploaded by Saddleback Kids on 2015-09-24.