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Design and Technology

At Lyne and Longcross C of E Primary School we believe Design and Technology is essential to prepare pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. Teachers encourage children to develop their investigating, designing, making and evaluating skills by thinking and intervening creatively.


Our Design & Technology Intent.

At Lyne and Longcross the Design and Technology curriculum prepares pupils to take part in the development of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world and empower them to become responsible for their own learning through:

  • being curious;
  • using their imagination;
  • co-operating with others;
  • developing resilience
  • evaluating, comparing and improving their work.


Primary Design & Technology forms an important foundation for learning about the world and our relationship to objects within it. From Nursery to Year 6, our pupils are given opportunities to find out how things work and develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products.


Through our Design & Technology curriculum, pupils are taught the importance of health and safety and encouraged to think about significant issues. Pupils build on a range of skills through collaborative working and problem-solving. We recognise that it is vital to nurture pupils’ creativity; encouraging them to innovate, take risks and learn from mistakes. This will support them in becoming resourceful, enterprising and capable citizens. Throughout Design and Technology lessons we teach the concept of self-regulation to ensure that pupils accept responsibility for their behaviour and the safety of others.

Design and Technology enables our pupils to become independent and creative problem solvers both as individuals and as members of a team. Our Design and Technology curriculum also gives children opportunities to use and develop their growth mind set when they plan, critique, modify and evaluate; helping them to understand the importance of this process not only in Design and Technology, but across their education.

Through our Design and Technology curriculum we give the pupils a tool kit to become good problem solvers by allowing them to explore their ideas for planning, making and evaluating products and systems in depth. Within this we give them time to combine their conceptual understanding with their practical skills to build an awareness of need, functionality and aesthetics.


Our Design and Technology aims:

  • To develop an interest and enthusiasm for designing and making for children of all abilities.
  • To develop children’s capability and confidence in their own ideas
  • To develop an understanding of the ways in which people from the past and present have used design and technology to meet their needs
  • To develop skills and techniques in using and selecting a range of tools and materials safely


Early Years


In the Early Years Foundation Stage, design and technology forms part of the learning children acquire under the ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World' branch of the Foundation Stage curriculum, which also covers geography, history, ICT, and science. Children will learn through first-hand experiences. They will be encouraged to explore, observe, solve problems, think critically, make decisions and to talk about why they have made their decisions.


Teaching and Learning


Our planning is based on the National Curriculum (2014) and EYFS revised framework (2012),care will be taken to plan interesting and relevant activities. Where possible pupils will design and make products responding to real needs and opportunities for example the need for a playground rubbish bin.