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Starting from EYFS all the way up to Year 6 we intend to inspire and encourage children on their musical journeys and give them a range of opportunities to connect and collaborate with others. We give them opportunities to develop a lifelong love of music by exposing them to a range of diverse musical experiences and igniting their passion for music. We will give them the chance to listen and respond to a wide range of music and help them understand different cultures around the world. This will help them to become reflective listeners. We will support them in their development as musicians and give them many opportunities to compose and perform using a variety of tuned and untuned instruments.  

Starting in the EYFS we provide high quality teaching to enable children to:

  • Enjoy and have an appreciation for a range of music.
  • Listen to, reflect upon and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, cultures, styles and traditions.
  • To sing and use their voices creatively to create different effects.
  • Create and compose music, on their own and with others to experiment with different effects and styles.

·    Use a range of musical language in different contexts

  • Express personal preferences about the quality and style of music.
  • Take part in performances using a variety of instruments with an awareness of audience


We aim for our curriculum to support children in making connections in their learning, we do this through giving them more opportunities apply what they have learned to other subjects. This engages the children and helps them understand how music is relevant to the real world outside of the classroom.

We encourage curiosity in Music lessons by encouraging children to experiment with new techniques and styles particularly when composing, this allows their creativity to flourish and helps them to be creative. We aim to do this in such a way where children feel safe to make mistakes as this can help them to become more independent and confident musicians.



Our Music curriculum is designed to ensure that children of all backgrounds and academic levels can enjoy and succeed within all Music lessons. Based upon the National Curriculum we have created a progression map, which sets out the objectives taught in each year group identifying clear skills and knowledge. This ensures that learning is being built on as the children progress through the school and is carefully sequenced to maximise learning.

As a school we have chosen to follow the scheme ‘Kapow’ as this gives children many opportunities to listen to different types of Music and develop their skills through many hands on practical experiences. The Music learning is broken down into half termly themed units of work which supports the children’s engagement in this learning.  Each unit supports children to develop their listening, composing, performing skills. We ensure that children have access to many different instruments from different cultures, this helps them to develop cultural awareness and respect.

Performance is an important aspect of Music teaching at Lyne and Longcross and we aim to give every pupil many opportunities to participate in performances across their school career. These include taking part in Christmas performances, performances in groups or even solo performances in Collective Worship. Where appropriate parents are invited to come and watch these performances and help to celebrate the musical talent of the children involved.

Our Music subject lead is Miss Bodley.




By the time children leave Lyne and Longcross, they will:


  • Have experienced engaging Musical experiences including taking part in performances and learning to play an instrument.
  • Have an appreciation of a wide variety of musical genres and are able to form opinions about their own preferences.
  • Have engaged with a diverse range of music from a vast array of different cultures and historical time periods, styles and traditions.
  • The children will be able to use and apply the musical vocabulary which they have learned.
  • Have developed a good understanding of the process of composition and improvisation and know how they can experiment with these to create different effects.
  • Be able to sing a variety of different songs with accuracy and to understand how voices can be used in different ways

Additional Music Tuition


A range of specialist music teachers visit the school to offer individual and small group tuition for pupils. For more information regarding what is available, how to sign your child up and the corresponding fees, please see the links at the bottom of this page for 'Surrey Arts' and 'Rock Steady'.