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Wednesday 25th March

Wake up shake up - How many star jumps can you do in a minute? Have a 30 second rest. How many hops can you do in one minute? Have a 30 second rest. How many jumps up and down can you do in one minute? Have a 30 second rest and a drink of water. Write down your scores and we are going to do the same again soon and see if you can beat your score!


Bible story - The Lost Sheep (see the attachment for the story).


Maths - In your school closure pack there are some number formation sheets. Have a go at the number ‘1’ sheet. Then go on a number ‘1’ hunt around the house. What can you see that there is 1 of? Can you see the number ‘1’ anywhere?


Phonics - Play phonics sounds game (one is in your school closure pack) - additional sounds are attached to this post if you would like to have a go at those too.


Reading - Go on a reading hunt around the house and see just how many things you read (apart from books), for example, cereal box labels, instructions of how to play a game, post that comes etc. Do you know how many things you actually read without even realising :)


Game time - Create your own bowling alley at home. Have a go at taking turns. Who will knock the most ‘skittles’ down?


Art/Cooking - Have a go at making some play dough - the recipe can be found at 


Writing - Can you draw a picture and write about your favourite book. If you bring a copy of this when we come back to school we will make a book out of them all :)


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask :)