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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April...

Wake up shake up - You are King forever - Austin stone worship kids (


Bible story - Jesus walks on water (see attached).


Maths - In your school closure pack there are some number formation sheets. Have a go at the number ‘2’ sheet. Then go on a number ‘2’ hunt around the house. What can you see that there are 2 of? Can you see the number ‘2’ anywhere?


Phonics - Cross the river (sounds) - Get a piece of material/blanket and put it on the floor. Put letters of the alphabet/sounds on the material. Choose a teddy/superhero/doll etc and say for example, “Mr Teddy, Mr Teddy, please can I cross your magic river?” Mr Teddy will then whisper in your ear, for example, “You can only cross my magic river if you can find me the sound ‘a’.” If your child gets the sound correct they can jump over the river. If they get the sound incorrect, show them the correct sound. Repeat.


Reading - Have a go at one of the reading ideas (see attachment).


Game time - Make up the emoji face in your school closure pack. Play a game with your child, showing different facial expressions on your face. Can they make that face using the emoji pieces... Talk with your child about how the person might be feeling if they are showing that facial expression. 


Art/Cooking - Go on a colour hunt around your house/garden. Draw things that you see but make sure you draw them using the correct colours.


Writing - Make a card for one of your neighbours to say hello. Go on a short walk and post it through their letter box 🙂


An interesting extra - 5 minute boredom busters


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask :)