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Tuesday 24th March

Wake up shake up - Google - ‘Just dance - Waka waka time for Africa’.


Bible story - Jesus feeds the 5000 (see the attachment for the story).


Maths - Play snakes and ladders with your child (see attached file).


Phonics - Play a game of hangman with your child. You draw lines to match each letter in a word you have chosen e.g. Rabbits = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Your child will then say a name/sound of a letter and you will fill in the letter in the spaces if they have got it correct. If they choose a letter which is not part of the word then write the letter on another part of the whiteboard/paper. 


Reading - The surprise has been sent out on Tapestry in case you cannot access it via Google Classroom.


Game time - Play noughts and crosses. Draw a grid with 9 spaces in it. Let your child decide whether they would like to be noughts or crosses. One of you goes first and draws your symbol (nought/cross) in one of the spaces. You then take turns to draw your symbol in one of the 9 spaces. The first to get three in a row (diagonal, left/right, up/down) is the winner.


Art/Cooking - Build a den using resources in your house. It would be lovely if you could take a photo and upload it to Tapestry :)


Writing - Get your child to practise writing their name - we want them to keep writing their name as beautifully as they did before the school closure and hopefully get even better! Please encourage your child to write their name as much as possible during the time that our school is closed.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask :)