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Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March...
Wake up shake up - PE with Joe Wicks (


Bible story - Jesus heals the sick (see attached power point).


Maths - 3D shapes - Does it roll? Find 3D shapes around the house and see if they roll. (See attached).


Phonics - Play ‘noisy letter jump’ with your child. Write down the letters of the alphabet (somewhere that your child can jump on, for example, carpet or a patio in the garden’. Call out the sound/name of a letter and then your child will jump onto that letter. Try to vary using sounds and names of letters as both of these are very important for the children to learn :)


Reading - Find out more about the author ‘JK Rowling. Create a poster about stories she has written and find out why it was only because of her perseverance and never giving up that we have ‘Harry Potter’ on bookshelves today!


Game time - Get creative - Create an indoor obstacle course for/with your child. (See attached picture for an example).


Art/Cooking - Write instructions for something to bake/cook (anything of your choice - We know some ingredients are really tricky to get at the moment.) You will then be following the instructions tomorrow to bake/cook what you have chosen.


Writing - It is so important to have really good fine motor skills to help you have the strength and stamina when you write. Have a go at doing some activities to help make your muscles stronger. (See attached)

*Fine motor skills are the small movements that you do, for example, picking up a small object with your fingers.*


An interesting extra - If you would like an additional idea then why not try ‘Mindful minute breaks’ (see attached).


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask :)